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Welcome to Room 203B's home on the web, where imagination (and learning) will soon run wild (flourish)! If you wish, consider this to be a dynamic, interactive, ever expanding, electronic newsletter.

What you see here temporarily is the teacher's graphic design and content, which will gradually be replaced by student creations. This is what we have so far:

Report of class activities
      Every Friday our class reporters describe the activities of the past week. The web page is updated Friday afternoon while the activity report that appears in the weekly classroom newsletter is sent home every Monday. Look for lots of digital photographs in the online edition.

Assignments and homework
  Both the homework page and the homework answering machine recording are updated daily. Students who have missed the day of school can look here to find out the classroom assignments as well as homework for any particular day and if they are well enough, catch up. Parents can also check to see if work has been completed or use the information to facilitate the "So what did you do in school today?" conversation.

Calendar of upcoming events
  This is the place to look for details of upcoming classroom and school-wide events like conferences, field trips, and special programs.

Students' accomplishments
  Notable accomplishments in students' lives both in and outside the classroom are recorded on this page.

  This page contains links to archived classroom newsletters.

Classroom rules and expectations
  We make up the rules as we go, starting with only a very few ground rules and adding as the need arises. This page records the development over time of our set of classroom rules.

Contact information
  Find out how to write, call, email, or otherwise contact the class on this page.

| Home | Activities | Homework | Calendar | Accomplishments | Newsletter | Rules | Contact |