Developers SIG
September 2, 2003


In one half of our September 2 meeting we will continue our exploration of design patterns with the iterator. Keith Alcock will tell us why the C-style loop "for (i=0;i<SIZE;i++)" is losing favor in object-oriented code, explain both internal and external iterators, and provide working examples in C#, Java, C++, and Smalltalk.


In case you weren't able to attend the meeting or want to review parts of the presentation, you can take a look at an HTML version of the PowerPoint presentation entitled The Iterator Design Pattern. The presentation included several code samples which can be downloaded from the following links:


We ended the talk with a challenge to rewrite the FizzBuzz game using iterators. A complete description of the problem is available at the TCS Developer's SIG Twiki site. A sample solution in Smalltalk is now available. Don't peak until you've tried it yourself.