Developers SIG
June 1, 2004


At the upcoming June 1 meeting, Keith Alcock will present an application he has been working on called "WordNet Relationship Browser" and its underlying database called "WordNet C Database." WordNet is "a lexical database for the English language" produced by the Princeton Cognitive Science Laboratory and described in detail at "WordNet C Database" is an optimized version of the database which has been transformed into C code and compiled. It provides a high-performance API for the "WordNet Relationship Browser" which allows users to navigate relationship trees and graphs. A sneak preview screen shot is available from The presentation will include familiar topics of code generation, Smalltalk, unit testing, iterators, and more.


Keith Alcock is a local software developer with a wide range of experience and a special interest in language technology, an area in which he works both as a consultant and student.


An HTML version of the PowerPoint slides is available. You can try out the WordNet Relationship Browser software by downloading it from my homepage near the bottom. Please note that the software will work best (perhaps at all) under Windows XP. Send me an email if you get errors about missing DLLs, especially if you are using older versions of Windows. Even though the software is highly optimized, it will take some patience to run on even a 1GHz machine.