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Objective Position teaching mathematics or computer-related topics where I can employ extensive industry, academic, and life experience to make a difference at a high school or middle school in Tucson, AZ.
  • Teacher, Catalina Foothills High School, Tucson, AZ
    Began teaching five sections of Algebra 2 and Trigonometry and continued full-time in the Math Lab assisting individuals and small groups in subjects ranging from Geometry to Calculus.
  • Teacher, BASIS Upper School, Tucson, AZ
    Instructed AP Computer Science and Introduction to Computer Applications to 9th-11th and 8th-9th graders at one of America’s leading schools. Guided students with little programming experience to AP-range proficiency. Trained younger students to fluency in MS Office and initiated them in VBA, HTML, and Scratch programming. Created syllabi, class websites, custom programming projects, and original lessons. Managed laptops, conferenced with parents, participated in extracurricular activities, evaluated student work, and arranged online resources.
  • Substitute Teacher, local school districts, Tucson, AZ
    Taught primarily math and computer in middle and high schools from one half day to three weeks for Amphitheater Public Schools and Tucson Unified and Flowing Wells School Districts.
  • Tutor, Tucson High Magnet School, Tucson, AZ
    Worked as a paid tutor, mainly in math, for after school homework help program.
  • Volunteer, Tucson High Magnet School, Tucson, AZ
    Assisted students in Visual Basic, C++, and Java programming courses.

These entries relate to Pima Community College's Post-Degree Teacher Certification Program. An electronic portfolio with artifacts meeting INTASC standards is available at my website.
    Fall 2008
  • Internship (EDU290)
    University High School, James Madden, 9.5 weeks, full-time
    Taught one quarter of Scratch and Visual Basic programming to five sections of Fundamentals of Information Technology. Responsibilities included development and delivery of lessons, grading, attendance, conferences, classroom maintenance, course website, and account management.
    Spring 2007
  • Structured English Immersion Methods (EDU281)
    Tucson High Magnet School, Tucson, AZ, Jeanne Deloria, 6 weeks, 15+ hours
    Observed, assisted, and developed detailed SIOP-style lesson plan for Geometry class.
    Spring 2007
  • Secondary Teaching Methods (EDU285)
    Tucson High Magnet School, Tucson, AZ, Ronald Hopley, 6 weeks, 15+ hours
    Designed and delivered multiple, original lessons for students studying Java and C++ programming on topics of recursion, sorting, pair programming, pointers, and switch statements.
    Fall 2006
  • Classroom Management (EDU275)
    Catalina High Magnet School, Tucson, AZ, Nancy Dettman, 6 weeks, 10+ hours
    Contributed technical lessons to CTE courses like Technology Applications for Business.
    Fall 2006
  • Educational Psychology (EDU 272)
    AmeriSchool High School, Tucson, AZ, Gulen Hicks, 6 weeks
    Monitored Algebra class and revamped Excel-based interest rate lesson for multiple intelligences.
    Spring 2006
  • ESL Foundations (EDU274)
    Cragin Elementary School, 5th grade, Tucson, AZ, Nancy Tomlinson, 6 weeks, 10+ hours
    Spring 2006
  • Introduction to Special Education (EDU273)
    Cragin Elementary School, 5th grade, Tucson, AZ, Nancy Tomlinson, 6 weeks, 10+ hours
    Fall 2005
  • Introduction to Education (EDU200)
    Second Street Children's School, kindergarten, Tucson, AZ, Peggy Sterner, 15 weeks, 30+ hours
  • Tutor, General College, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
    Taught German to an individual with a learning disability as part of a volunteer service program.
  • Tutor, Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
    Instructed individuals in college-level Math, Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science for the institute's tutoring program, earning a Governor's Certificate of Commendation.
Arizona Department of Education
  • Provisional Secondary Education 7-12, 10/20/08-10/20/13
    Approved areas: Computers, Mathematics (both NCLB highly qualified)
  • Structured English Immersion Endorsement, K-12
  • Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ
    Institutional Recommendation for Secondary Education Teaching Certificate, GPA: 4.0
  • University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
    Graduate and undergraduate courses in Linguistics and Computer Science, GPA: 4.0
  • Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    National examination for Dutch as a foreign language, proficient in written and spoken language

  • University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
    Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, computer engineering/digital systems emphasis
    Bachelor of Arts in German, German studies emphasis
17 Feb. 2012