Bikescape MP3s

Bikescape is a wonderful podcast and blog about "bikes and space" made by Jon Winston. It's so wonderful that you'll want to listen to all the episodes. The formatting of pages at makes it difficult to keep track of which files you have downloaded or listened to and which you have not. So, below are recorded direct links to all the MP3 files for the podcast. Don't forget to go back and read all the enlightening information that is included with the blog, watch the videos, and follow the external links, but in the meantime download and listen away. Thanks Jon!

# Date Podcast Blog
120 10-Sep-2009   And, speaking of New York...
119 10-Sep-2009   NPR: Biking in New York
118 14-Jul-2009   East Oakland Rides
117 10-Jul-2009 MP3 San Francisco bike culture matures as bike plan is adopted
116 01-Jul-2009   KQED discussion about San Francisco Bike Plan
115 30-Jun-2009   San Francisco Bike Plan almost back on track
114 28-Jun-2009   Traffic Calming in The Chech Republic
113 03-Jun-2009 MP3 bikescape's fifth bike to work day and a rally for transit
112 30-Mar-2009 MP3 Bike bloggers meet-up in Sacramento
111 07-Mar-2009 MP3 Two Cities: Hong Kong and San Francisco
110 11-Feb-2009   If you're in Sacramento for the Tour of California this weekend...
109 06-Feb-2009   Getting around in Hong Kong
108 22-Jan-2009 MP3 An Interview with Gary Fisher
107 06-Jan-2009   An Urbanist President
106 29-Dec-2008 MP3 An Endless Tour with Cindy and Tim Travis
105 19-Dec-2008   Press release sustainability vs. the real thing
104 24-Nov-2008 MP3 A Conversation with Clarence Eckerson of Street Films
103 14-Oct-2008   Driven to Despair
102 24-Sep-2008 MP3 Sunday Streets in San Francisco
101 25-Aug-2008 MP3 Activism at City Hall and in the Streets
100 20-Jul-2008   Free Wheelies: Pedicabs of New York: An Endangered Species
99 16-Jul-2008 MP3 The pedicab solution
98 09-Jul-2008 MP3 Cycling opens up civil society in Brazil
97 02-Jul-2008 MP3 The Battle for San Francisco
96 30-Jun-2008 MP3 Towards Car-free Cities Keynote Speech: Gil Peñalosa
95 23-Jun-2008 MP3 depave a parking lot, put up a paradise
94 14-Jun-2008 MP3 Democracy in action: The San Fracisco Bike Plan
93 18-May-2008 MP3 Police and media get it wrong in bike fatalities
92 10-May-2008   Jim Kunstler on Colbert Report
91 07-Apr-2008 MP3 Bicycling and the Law, Bob Mionske speaks at the SF Bicycle Coalition
90 03-Mar-2008 MP3 around the world by bicycle
89 08-Jan-2008   return of the scorcher
88 06-Jan-2008 MP3 2007: a look back
87 29-Nov-2007   What we're up against
86 01-Nov-2007   WNYC on biking in New York
85 21-Oct-2007 MP3 Parking or transit? The 2007 election in San Francisco
84 13-Sep-2007 MP3 Portland, City of Bikes
83 05-Aug-2007 MP3 the state of cycling in the uk
82 29-Jun-2007 MP3 North American Cycle Courier Championship, San Francisco
81 10-Jun-2007   getting hyphy with bikes in oaktown
80 04-Jun-2007 MP3 bike polo, anyone?
79 08-May-2007 MP3 An Interview with San Francisco Supervisor Jake McGoldrick
78 19-Apr-2007 MP3 Bike Rocker Attila Horvath
77 06-Apr-2007 MP3 pedicabs at the crossroads in NY
76 07-Mar-2007 MP3 Midnite Ridazz in LA
75 01-Mar-2007   hybrid shmybrid
74 15-Feb-2007 MP3 a tour of actavia boulevard in 2005
73 30-Jan-2007 MP3 this right is wrong- cars and bikes in conflict at market and octavia
72 19-Jan-2007 MP3 An interview with Grant Petersen of rivendell Bicycleworks
71 26-Dec-2006 MP3 critcal mass-a self criticism
70 18-Nov-2006   Contested Streets- New York and San Francisco look to the European model
69 30-Oct-2006 MP3 Interview with Chris Daly
68 21-Oct-2006   reelect chris daly
67 04-Oct-2006 MP3 PARK(ing): remixing your landscape
66 06-Sep-2006   petrolius
65 24-Aug-2006   san francisco critical mass katrina memorial ride
64 20-Aug-2006 MP3 oregon's laws need fixing
63 18-Aug-2006   san francisco bike messengers c1992
62 25-Jul-2006 MP3 Valencia Street Shines
61 09-Jul-2006   Ecotalk show on biking
60 02-Jul-2006 MP3 Its not easy being green: Judge stops San Francisco bike plan on environmental grounds
59 16-Jun-2006   Mona's latest
58 10-Jun-2006 MP3 russian hill roulette auteur frank chan
57 09-Jun-2006   russian hill roulette
56 01-Jun-2006 MP3 bike to work day, 2006
55 11-May-2006 MP3 running on fumes
54 23-Apr-2006 MP3 velodromes and bikestations
53 26-Mar-2006 MP3 park or parking lot?
52 05-Mar-2006 MP3 Songs in the key of bike
51 20-Feb-2006 MP3 Mona Caron's Market Street Railway Mural
50 28-Jan-2006 MP3 We like our bikes
49 09-Jan-2006 MP3 Dave Snyder - a velorutionary looks back
48 28-Dec-2005 MP3 Bike the Strike!
47 18-Dec-2005   A trip down market street in 1905
46 12-Dec-2005 MP3 Transportation for a livable city
45 27-Nov-2005 MP3 Taking off the training wheels
44 20-Nov-2005   The San Francisco Bicycle Ballet
43 14-Nov-2005 MP3 Commuting together: The Genentech bike club
42 02-Nov-2005 MP3 Bridging the gap
41 24-Oct-2005 MP3 Riding with Pedal Express
40 16-Oct-2005 MP3 Busted flat in the big apple
39 07-Oct-2005 MP3 Mr. Bike
38 27-Sep-2005 MP3 Mona's Mural
37 17-Sep-2005 MP3 San Francisco's Courier Disaster Response Team
36 02-Sep-2005   broken links repaired and a new one
35 31-Aug-2005 MP3 Fetish for fixies
34 24-Aug-2005 MP3 Laws and sausage
33 11-Aug-2005 MP3 Marin county hits the jackpot
32 05-Aug-2005 MP3 Cycling and community - a conversation with Chris Carlsson
31 28-Jul-2005 MP3 James Howard Kunstler - "The Long Emergency"
30 19-Jul-2005 MP3 Market St., San Francisco's "Main Stem"
29 04-Jul-2005 MP3 Bike Summer, LA Part 2
28 28-Jun-2005 MP3 Bike Summer LA Part 1
27 21-Jun-2005 MP3 Trust your mechanic
26 13-Jun-2005 MP3 Heavy pedal cyclecide!
25 05-Jun-2005 MP3 World Environment Day
24 29-May-2005 MP3 Kibitzing with kash
23 21-May-2005 MP3 Bike to work day
22 13-May-2005 MP3 Robert Moses and the Birth of Car Culture
21 07-May-2005 MP3 I like my bike
20 06-May-2005   Radical Radio picks up the 'cast
19 30-Apr-2005 MP3 The revolution will not be motorized
18 29-Apr-2005 MP3 biking and blathering
17 29-Apr-2005   podcast servers are back up again
16 25-Apr-2005   San Jose Ave bike lane ribbon cutting
15 25-Apr-2005   podcast servers are up again!
14 21-Apr-2005 MP3 The bicycle lifestyle
13 13-Apr-2005 MP3 Bikescape checks out the new San Jose Ave bike lanes
12 09-Apr-2005   Broken links fixed
11 07-Apr-2005 MP3 Bikescape looks at the news
10 27-Mar-2005 MP3 Still we ride!
9 21-Mar-2005 MP3 Bicycling - a quiet statement against oil wars
8 16-Mar-2005 MP3 Pedaling and Pontificating
7 07-Mar-2005 MP3 Octavia Boulevard Comes to Life
6 27-Feb-2005 MP3 Critical Mass!
5 24-Feb-2005 MP3 Riding and Ranting
4 22-Feb-2005 MP3 Bikesummer, LA
3 15-Feb-2005   San Francisco gets a clue
2 15-Feb-2005 MP3 The Maiden Voyage of the SS Bikescape!
1 11-Feb-2005   Introducing the bikescape podcast!